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Businesses today are increasingly operating in a 24/7 365 fashion. Downtime for IT services is costly and difficult to work around. Tech Solution can help your business increase uptime by implementing a variety of Availability Services.

Offsite Disaster Recovery

Tech Solution offers offsite Disaster Recovery (DR) to bring your services and data online at a remote data center in the event of a disaster situation.

Data is replicated in real time to the DR environment to ensure that your data is available and ready for you if or when disaster strikes.

Managed Back-Up

Regular backups are integral to your success. Tech Solution automates regularly scheduled back-ups—and in the unlikely event of a failure, we’re also able to perform quick local recovery. Since we have multiple data center sites, we can provide offsite recovery to counteract a total site disaster. Either way, we’ll have you covered. And you can say goodbye to tedious tape back-ups.

We can also integrate your back-up with the cloud. This public cloud replication service is built on a reliable, petabyte-scale storage cloud, with proactive data integrity protection technologies and emergency in-the-cloud virtualization service capabilities. 

High Availability

Tech Solution can design and implement a solution that provides real time redundancy and fail-over of critical services.  Adding Site Resiliency to the solution can provide uptime in the case of power, ISP, or application failure. 

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